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SDS is always thinking… Put the client first with a sense of urgency… and answers the question -

What’s in it for you?

You get meetings with decision makers that say "YES"

Continuous follow-through in two services: 
  • Outbound Calling - Securing qualified new prospect meetings by a professional and proven, personal contacting process.
  • Sales Coaching - Providing practical, hands-on leadership for successful selling and deal closure.

You get disciplined new target focus, personal calling frequency & follow-through for winning results.

SDS provides immediate, all-inclusive services with a dedicated caller, personalized email & local telephone number, combined with leadership, for our clients to gain more deals.

Jon Reesman and Lindsey Luttinen speak frequently to many different groups on topics of interest like Sales is the Primary Driver of Sustainability & Focus, Frequency & Follow-through.  They are frequently requested speakers for Association of Accounting Marketing, Michigan Association of CPA's, The Advisory Board's Winning is Everything, Abilita Supplier Conference and specific firm events. 

Call Jon Reesman today to have one or both speak at your next event!

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