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Gary Kravitz, National Sales Manager-Checkpoint Marketing for Firms, Thomson Reuters
Checkpoint Marketing for Firms is a division of Thomson Reuters specializing in accounting content marketing solutions. We have been working with SDS since 2016, providing leads for up to 6 sales people covering the entire United States.  Multiple dedicated callers have consistently provided our sales team with qualified leads, even during CPA busy season.  This past year was our best year ever and SDS contributed to that!  I recommend SDS and the leadership of Lindsey Luttinen & Jon Reesman.

Victor Adams, Managing Partner, Derivatives Advisory Group    
Derivatives Advisory Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in hedging financial and market risks.  We have been working with Sales Driven Services (SDS) since 2011.  Multiple dedicated callers have all been able to help us identify firms working with derivative instruments, our market niche.  SDS consistently provides leads that allow us to speak to CFO's & Treasurer's, which is no easy task.  We have taken those leads and turned them into clients!  I highly recommend SDS if you want to grow your business and need more leads.  Don't wait-call Jon Reesman today!

Mark Blackburn, CPA-Shareholder, Audit & Advisory, LBMC
Sales Driven Services (SDS) has made us more profitable by providing a professional lead generation program for LBMC's employee benefit audit group.  SDS' services get leads and then meeting appointments with decision makers for new, targeted sales prospects.  From nearly 50 meeting appointments, LBMC closed 4 new engagements in the first year, including 2 different engagements with the same client!  If you value truth, leadership & guidance, SDS is the firm for you.

Lauren Clemmer, Executive Director, Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM)
Our relationship with Sales Driven Services (SDS) has resulted in new conversations with potential members which contributes to the growth in our membership.  The use of targeted calls for specific events increases our attendance at these events.  Their services give us the opportunity to get meeting appointments with decision makers at targeted accounting firms across the US & Canada.  Jon Reesman & Lindsey Luttinen have shared their expertise with our members as speakers at our events and as subject matter experts in webinars on lead generation and sales coaching.  We look forward to continuing to find new ways to work together and would recommend SDS to help you organically grow your firms' revenue.

Jack Hennies, VP, Director of Marketing - Bartlett & West, Inc.
Sales Driven Services (SDS) has done a great job putting us in touch with qualified leads.  They know how to identify key decision-makers and set up confirmed telephone meetings for our business development experts.  We have also used SDS to successfully drive trade show and conference participants to our booth, where our salespeople can show demos and tell our story. They do what they say they will do-they deliver!

Patrick Pruett, Executive Vice President - The Rainmaker Companies

Sales Driven Services (SDS) has helped us grow our CPA firm association and niche membership groups since 2013 by getting meeting appointments with decision makers at targeted CPA firms across the US & Canada. We also recommend SDS to our members, who have leveraged practice development and grown their firms by using SDS’ dedicated caller approach. SDS has the leadership that truly understands our profession. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to work together and would highly recommend SDS to help you grow your firm’s revenue. 

Matt Berger, Owner - Integrity Steel Company
Since 2011, Sales Driven Services (SDS) has helped us grow our business in two separate divisions of Integrity Steel- steel processing and machining.  SDS has been a valuable team member, helping us reach sales prospects and has done an excellent job connecting us with decision makers, emailing line cards, and setting meetings with new prospects for us to sell our products and services and increase our brand recognition in the market.  SDS has been instrumental in achieving our sales growth goals of 20% over two years. We look forward to continuing to find new and additional ways to work together and would highly recommend SDS to help you grow your firm. 

Dan Aylward, Senior Consultant - Abilita 
Sales Driven Services (SDS) has helped us grow our business since 2011, by getting meeting appointments with decision makers with new, qualified targeted sales prospects. We have used many professional lead generation firms over the years and SDS is the best we have encountered.  We look forward to continuing to find new and additional ways to work together and would highly recommend SDS to help you grow your firm. 

Frank Giglio, Senior Managing Consultant - Paradigm Tax Group & former President - Diversified Property Solutions
Working with Jon Reesman, I learned the "art" of selling and no one knows that art AND can teach/convey that "art" better than Jon.  We used Sales Driven Services (SDS) Lead Generation and Deal Closure services successfully-callers were able to get sales calls set up where other similar firms were not successful.  Jon is the ultimate field general, directing the activities, participating in the meetings (if requested) and following up after the meetings.  When I was President of DPS, we hired SDS because our goal was to increase revenue for the purpose of growing and possibly selling the firm.  We were acquired by Paradigm Tax Group three years later.  This would not have been possible without SDS' involvement.  SDS' formula of Focus, Frequency & Follow-through and Jon's consistently positive attitude helped us keep our eye on the ball during the transition and push the deal over the goal line.

Mark Savitskie, President - Allegro Home Loans
Jon has a constant and relentless desire to find the positive in every situation. He sees an opportunity in everything - even areas where we think there may be problems, he finds opportunity in them. He has “thick skin” and takes everything very constructively. His frankness with me and me with him makes our working relationship very productive.

Ralph Cornell, Partner - PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Jon has spearheaded our strategic plan in Grand Rapids and Detroit. He is outstanding with people and he bonds with different types of people very easily. He has progressed well in our firm - going from just trying to understand our very sophisticated services to being considered a leader in three short years.

Terry Conley, Partner - Grant Thornton
He’s very good at developing clients where we had no audit relationships. He has a penetration strategy that is very successful. He is hardworking, passionate, “straight shooter”. He’s honest, trustworthy, and well received by the marketplace. He networks in and outside the firm very well. His enthusiasm is unmatched.

David Hammond, Partner - BDO Seidman
Jon helped us get into new clients - especially Whirlpool - that resulted in millions of dollars worth of work. Focus and follow through are Jon’s strongest attributes; he doesn’t take no for an answer. He livens up conversation too.

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